Love Notions Sloane Sweater Tour

For the past years my winter wear has been as simple as a pull over RTW grey hoodie and a RTW grey zipper hoodie.

BUT NOW with the Ladies Sloane Sweater I will be wearing a super cute Zipper Sloane Sweater! And did I mention it’s lined with sherpa for added warmth and cozyness!!

I will need to make more Zipper Sloane Sweaters!!

I love that the Sloane Sweater offers multiple ways to use contrasting fabric to make a unique style.

This is View B with upcycled jeans for the kangaroo pockets, elbow patches and yoke. The kangaroo pockets and elbow patches are top stitched to give the raw edge a fraying look to the jean material. I used the tutorial Kelly did for the Samson Zipper Hack to install the zipper.

*The only tricky part for me was the hood, since it overlaps I had to measure the neck line once the bodice pieces were sewn. Then measured the hood and trimed away the exrta tail off from the hood.*

I also added button holes for a drawstring but did not install the drawstring, since my kids will randomly pull on them. The button hole option is not included in the pattern. But can be placed anywhere within 1-1.5 in from the hood and with a light weight stabilizer. I normally use a small square of cotton woven and glue it with a glue stick, but this time I used an iron on stabilizer. I also mark with a crayola washable marker a dot to guide me while I use the button hole foot on my sewing machine. *I used to be afraid of button holes!!*

For the lining I used View B without cutting the yoke. I added a seam allowance of 3/8 in to the front and did not cut on fold since it will be open for the zipper. I sewed it up just as if it were a Slane Sweater. Also measured and trimmed away the tails of the hood.

Once it was all sewn up I put the sherpa lining in Sloane Sweater WST, put the main sleeve inside the lining sleeve WST to instal the cuff and band. Be sure to sew both layers of the Sloane with the cuff. The sherpa may make it a bit bulky but it wasn’t too bad with the floral french terry, just be cautious. After that sew the band starting at the opening of the Sloane. Be sure to divide and mark to stretch evenly all around.

*This green velvet was very slippery specially while sewing the cuffs.*

Now refer to Samson Zipper Hack to install the zipper and the hood.

Don’t forget to grab your copies of the Sloane Sweater for girls at $9, ladies at $10 or the bundle at $16!!! Affiliate links below!!

Love Notions has tier pricing, where if you buy 2 or more patterns, you get 10% off! 3 or more, you get 15% off! 4 or more, you get 20% off!!

Affiliate links:

Love Notions website link

Ladies Sloane Sweater

Girls Sloane Sweater

BUNDLED for Ladies and girls

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    1. Yes try it and be sure to post your makes on the Love Notions Pattern Support on facebook to ohh ahhh over them!!


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